The "BASIC" Ventriloquist doll    

   The Basic ventriloquist doll has a fiber filled doll's body with plastic hands and head. The head and jaw are molded separately and then snapped together and attached to a pull string that makes the jaw open and close.
Basic Charlie McCarthy

    Basic Ventriloquist dolls have plastic hair and eyes. All Ventriloquist characters are available in the Basic Model.






 The "Standard" Ventriloquist doll

     The "Standard" Ventriloquist doll has been upgraded from the basic in two important ways: The body has been completely rebuilt and so has the entire jaw mechanism.
     The doll's body is replaced by a sturdy wood and corregated board. The neck is then totally rebuilt using a stable ring and ball base that allows easy movement while keeping the doll's head aligned properly. The doll's may now turn in complete circles if desired.

Standard Charlie McCarthy's HEAD!    The doll's head is then removed and disected. The basic pull strin

Close up of Standard Model Trigger

g mechanism is removed and replaced by a professional triggered control. The mouth now opens and closes much smoother and the Ventriloquist's hand goes inside of the back of the doll just like a professional.

   A close up of the triggered upgrade for the Standard model. 


Standard upgrades are not available for Laurel, Hardy and Lester.