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World Champion Hide & Seeker -- Little Heidi Seger -- When she hides, nobody can find her!
   Or so you tell your young audience while showing Heidi's house, school and Little Heidi. She's a happy, active, pigtailed little girl printed colorfully on a large disk. When the door of the house is open, everyone clearly sees a bookshelf, painting, couch, rug -- a living room. When the School door is open, everyone can see a teacher's desk, whiteboard, bookshelf - a classroom. A grassy clearing with a single tree lies between Heidi's school and her house.
   You place Heidi in her house and close all the doors. "Watch her go..." you tell your audience.
   Comically, you tilt the whole rig to the left so everyone SEES her roll out of her house, across the grassy clearing and into the school. Triumphantly you open the door of the house and exclaim, "Look! She's GONE, she's HIDING and I don't know where she is!"
   Anyone Fooled? NO WAY! As a matter of fact, your audience shouts out claims that Heidi is obviously in the school.
Little Heidi Seger is a world champion Hide & Seeker.  When she hides, NOBODY can find her! So you tell your audience as you show Heidi's house and school and then little Heidi, a happy, active, pigtailed little girl printed colorfully on a large disk.
It's the classic sucker die-box trick
with a brand new look!
In the end...
they're blown away.

  Back and forth goes Heidi, and each time your audience screaming that they know where she is. In the end, of course, Heidi vanishes, completely stunning your audience. As a finale, Heidi reappears stuck to your back. The audience raves! (Take a moment to read the whole routine.)
   Designed and built by professional performers for professional performers, Hide & Seek's sturdy wood construction allows a lifetime of use. Bright, colorful paint and attention to detail make certain that this beautiful prop shines in every show. As a bonus, Hide and Seek comes with a professional cloth cover/case to protect the prop while safely and securely containing all accessories.
Hide and Seek Comes complete with:
  • Large, sturdy, colorful wooden house/yard/school built to pack flat but play big.
  • Heidi (and her special gimmick to re-appear on your back).
  • Extra rounds for your own characters to hide & seek (ie: Actual picture of the birthday child.)
  • Title cards to change the "School" into "Church" or "Library" so you can customize your show accordingly.
  • Protective cloth carrying case with accessory pockets so you never leave home without all of the prop.

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