Can you turn my $1 into $100?
   How many times have you heard THAT tired, old line. It's got to be the second most popular request from the audience - right after, "Can you make my wife disappear".
   Now we've got something to shut them up: Turn their money and their minds inside out with the Mis-Made Bill. Not upside down. Not backward or reversed...Mismade.
Turn their minds inside-out with this powerful, visual transformation.
Requires no Thumbtip!
Comes with complete instructions!
      - from Grand Illusions
The MISMADE Bill is cut from REAL US CURRENCY.
- Transform any one dollar bill, even a borrowed bill!

- The MISMADE Bill is cut from REAL US CURRENCY, it is not made of paper and it is not a reproduction.

- Requires no ther props besides a normal one-Dollar bill and your hands.

- Complete instructions teach you step-by-step how to magically transform a borrowed $1 bill.

- Other than being MISMADE, the bill is normal currency and may be thoroughly inspected by the audience.
Watch and Purchase the MISMADE BILL now by clicking here.

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