Spring-Summer 2017 Schedule

Contact Steve@grandillusions.com to enroll now!


All classes take place on Saturday from 1-2pm and are only $20 each

April 22nd and June 17th

Level One Magic Class (ages 10 and up)

  • Torn and Restored Card (Comes with Cards and handkerchief!)
  • Dealing Grip
  • Spread-Close-Square
  • Two card monte
  • (Comes with complimentary special props!)
  • Roll the Bills

May 6th and June 24th

Level Two Magic Class (Bring Your Cards!)

  • The 21 card trick
    • The Break
    • The double lift
  • Card Warp
  • Si Stebbins Stack
    • Spelling Lie Detector

May 20th and July 1st

Level Three Magic Class (Bring two US dollar bills of different denominations AND your cards!)

  • $1 to $5 change
  • Coin through the Hand
  • Re-Sealed (Playing Card Cellophane)

May 27th and July 15th

Level Four Magic Class (Bring a $1 bill)

  • The Notorious Art Thief (Torn and restored $1 bill)
  • Vanishing Rubberband (Includes special prop!)
Cheek to Cheek (Includes special prop!)