Fall-Winter-2017 Schedule

Contact Steve@grandillusions.com to enroll now!


All classes take place on Saturday from 1-2pm and are only $20 each

November 4th
Level One Magic Class (ages 10 and up)

  • The Magic Resetting Deck (Comes with cards!)
  • The Fantastic Five
  • The Broken and Restored toothpick or matchstick. (Magic prop included!)
  • The Cut and Restored Rope (w/ Complimentary magic rope!)

November 18th
Level Two Magic Class (Req. playing cards)

  • Basic audience control
  • Beginning sleight of hand with cards
  • The break
  • The multiple lift
  • The multiple turnover
  • Vernon’s Depth Illusion
  • The Ambitious Card
  • The Professor’s Nightmare. (Complimentary magic rope!)

December 2nd
Level Three Magic Class (Req. four alike coins and playing cards)

  • Intermediate sleight of hand with coins
  • Classic palm
  • French Drop
  • The Coin from the Ceiling
  • Coins Across
  • Red Hot Mama
  • Card Controls and Forces
  • Cross-cut Force
  • Double Undercut
  • Swing Cut
  • False Swing Cut

December 9th
Level Four Magic Class (Req. four alike coins and playing cards)

  • Coin Matrix
  • Riffle Force
  • False Overhand Shuffle
  • Spectator Cuts the Aces (Jennings)
  • Ed Marlo’s Five Card Princess Card Trick
  • Elmsley Count
  • Twisting the Aces