Why is 2016 the last Grand Illusions lecture season?

Grand Illusions started hosting lectures in 1995 and, a few years later, started selling a season pass and guaranteeing four lectures a year but usually doing five or six. For decades we hosted a full season of great teachers attracting 50-70 attendees each time.

Years have passed since that time, however, and things have changed. Attendance is down in the twenties, we’re older and setting up chairs and moving display cases both before and after a lecture, leaving at midnight, having dinner at one and going back to work the next day for effectively no money got…Well, it got old too.

Meanwhile, Grand Illusions has started hosting Magic Saturdays, an open house event almost every month that has proved hugely successful and is more popular, more fun, more profitable than a magic lecture and it happens during regular business hours. We couldn’t do both the lecture series and the Magic Saturday so, with the preceding facts in mind, it was a no brainer.

Will there be magic lectures at Grand Illusions?

Sure! We’ll still bring the hottest talent in magic to Sacramento to perform and teach, but it would be a special event, not part of a multi-lecture series. So stay tuned to our local email list for future dates of Magic Saturdays and Magic Lecture nights.

See you soon at Grand Illusions.