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Magic is for EVERYONE and it's easy to learn.

From beginning to advanced, Grand Illusions has a magic class for anyone ages ten and up! Amaze your friends and family, learn the secrets to magic and, as the old saying goes, be the life of the party with entertaining and astounding magic tricks with ordinary objects.

Four different classes are being offered and there's something for everyone. Classes are conveniently scheduled on Saturday afternoons, last one hour and are held at Grand Illusions.

Email, call 916-944-4708 during business hours or check our online calendar for the current class schedule and availability.
Grand Illusions

Be in the upper 26%

Anyone can learn magic!
74% of all Americans are afraid of public speaking
(But not magicians!)

Performing a magic trick is acting, it's kind of like telling a joke. It takes memorization, articulation, posture, expression and even psychology. Magicians, like all actors, don't start out with these skills, they develop them with proper instruction and practice.

Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, or speech anxiety, effects nearly three quarters of the population but magic, like all acting, will teach a person to "Hit their mark", lift their face and deliver their lines convincingly. Magicians are not afraid of podiums, microphones, or speaking anywhere from living rooms to boardrooms to stadiums.

Anyone ages ten and up can benefit from lessons in magic from Grand Illusions. Beginning with simple tricks to amuse and amaze and progressing to advanced sleight of hand, these classes build the skills, character and confidence that can make one memorable, open doors and expand networks.
  • Each class lasts one hour and costs only $20.
  • Classes are held on Saturday afternoons and are going on now!
For you and/or someone you know, call or email now to enroll in the next Grand Illusions Magic Class:

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