Fahrenheit Four-Two-Five

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The classic Zippo® lighter has been around since the early 1930's and has been used by outdoorsmen, soldiers, travelers, everyday folks and, yes, magicians.

Until now, if you wanted the spectators selected card to appear magically on your Zippo® lighter you were limited to the Ace of Spades. Let's face it, as magicians, that's the ONE card we DON'T want.

Now, not only does the spectators card appear on your Zippo® lighter, it magicially changes into another card as well.

  • Magically change from a plain Zippo® to a playing card and it's the WRONG CARD! But, with a wave of your hand, the card changes into the correct selection!
  • Have two cards chosen, one appears on your lighter and then, with a wave, it changes into the second selection.
  • Made in the USA by Zippo® exclusively for Grand Illusions
  • LIFETIME guarantee
  • Complete routine and instructions included
Weight 5 oz

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