Astonishing Bottle (Water to Coke)

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From the creative mind of João Miranda, together with Ramon Amaral, arrives the perfect opener for parlor or stage. The magician introduces a bottle full of orange juice and places it inside of a bag. After a magical pass, the juice bottle transforms into a bottle of Coke!

Then the magician rips the bag apart... the orange juice bottle has disappeared without a trace, and the bag can be 100% examined!

Astonishing Bottle uses a new method in magic, bringing a breath of fresh air to an old classic.

Keep in mind:

  • No latex bottles are used
  • No body loads of any kind
  • Super easy to perform
  • The gimmick does all the work for the magician
  • The bag is 100% empty at the end
  • The orange juice bottle can be completely examined before the performance
  • The effect can be performed in close-up conditions, just inches away from the audience

As you would expect from João Miranda's well-known quality of gimmicks, each bottle is a true labor of love. And the method is guaranteed to impress you, as much as the effect itself. A great way to start your act!

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