Fire Poi - Monkey Fist, 3/8" Wicking

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Tricky's Fire Poi are made with comfort, safety and longevity in mind. The 3mm twisted link chain prevents kinks and is buffed smooth to eliminate catching and cutting yourself or your clothes. SIXTEEN FEET of 3/8" Kevlar(tm) Rope Wicking is woven into a tight Monkey Fist knot around a steel eyebolt assembly. Stainless Steel quick-links attach the I bolts to the chain and, at the other end, connect the chain to our custom, leather grips that hold your fingers in stylish comfort.

  • Chain
    • Length: 20" (Custom length available on request)
    • Materials: 3mm Stainless Steel Twisted Link
  • Wick:
    • Wick Length: 16'
    • Monkey Fist Diameter: 3"
    • Wick thickness: 3/8"
    • Material: Kevlar (tm)
  • Handles
    • Material: Leather
    • Detail: Grommeted and punched

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