GTR (Grandillusions Thread Reel) 5.00 1

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Get the GTR FEATURING IT-K6 Invisible Thread! ($49.95)
  • Magnetically connected alligator clips
  • The strongest invisible thread ever spun* in a thread reel
  • Custom sliding tray fits into any poker-sized playing card box.
  • Can be used from inside of the card box.
  • Instructional DVD directed and produced by Wayne Houchin
Double Down with the GTR PRO BACKUP KIT ($79.95) and upgrade to:
  • A second GTR
  • Four Magnetic Aligator Clips
  • Double-Mount Sliding Tray

(*machine stranded into spools)

"Love the flexibility of the magnets and the clips. The card box as an organizer is brilliant." - Max N. (Happy GTR Owner)

Weight 3 oz


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