Petals Around The Rose - A Devilish Puzzle

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Is Petals Around the Rose really a game? Well actually it's probably better described as a puzzle, a challenge or a brain teaser. Petals Around the Rose is a mathematical challenging puzzle in which the object of the player is to work out the formula by which a number is derived from the roll of a set of five or six dice. It is often used as an exercise in inductive reasoning. The puzzle became popular in computer circles in the mid 1970s, particularly through an anecdote recounted in Personal Computing which depicts Bill Gates working out the solution in an airport.

The Fraternity

If your player solves the puzzle and can successfully tell you how many Roses and Petals there are on the dice three consecutive times, immediately congratulate them and induct them into the Fraternity of Petals Around the Rose by swearing them to secrecy and wretched heartlessness, then giving them one of the enclosed membership cards with their name and date of induction on the back.

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