Revolution by Gregory Wilson

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Spinning a small item on the tip of your finger is a visceral display of skill, control and years of masterful discipline. But, who has time for all that?

Revolution shortcuts the years of practice and allows you to look like a Shaolin Spin-Fu Master in just minutes. Spin any standard deck or standard playing card on the tip of your finger in a mesmerizing display of playing card dexterity.

Part sportsmanlike skill and part unsportsmanlike gimmick, you'll have everything you need to get instant attention, including trick playing cards for tons of routines, expertly taught by Gregory Wilson. Greg will teach you how to spin like a Globetrotter in no time.


90 minutes of video instruction from top pro, Gregory Wilson.

Specially designed and precision-engineered gimmick for weight, balance and spin time.

3 special trick playing cards to turn Revolution into a full magic routine.

Easy to learn, easy to do, looks incredible.

Instant Reset

Makes a stunning ice-breaker

How hard is it to perform? Just check our degree of difficulty scale:

1. Broker Peace In The Middle East

2. Build A Suspension Bridge

3. Translate Sanskrit

4. Hit A Major League Fast Ball

5. Solve A Rubik's Cube

6. NY Times Crossword Puzzle

7. Train A Ferret

8. Raise One Eyebrow

9. Ride A Unicycle

10. Juggle

11. Hang Wallpaper

>>> 12. Spin A Card Box On Your Finger

13. TV Guide Crossword Puzzle

14. Tie Your Shoelaces

15. Build A Popsicle-Stick House

16. Connect The Dots

17. Gargle

18. Use A Stapler

19. Chew Gum

20. Breathe

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