Withdrawal - The Starbucks Gift Card Trick

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Visually extract real currency from an ordinary gift card... not once, but TWICE... and the gift card can be IMMEDIATELY EXAMINED with no palming, loading, stealing, or switching!

You show a standard gift card with a $25 value. When you're strapped for dough, a gift card is useless; you need cold, hard cash. Your hands are clearly empty apart from the gift card, and a $1 bill stunningly POPS out of the card into your awaiting hand, leaving a $24 value PRINTED on the gift card.

Of course, $1 isn't enough. As an audience member inspects the dollar (NO SWITCHES!), you pull out MORE MONEY... this time a crisp $10 bill! The gift card now permanently has a $14 value and can be IMMEDIATELY EXAMINED. There are no extra bits or gadgets anywhere to be found.

The automatic, self-working gimmick sits in your wallet and is ready at a moment's notice. There is only ONE gift card from start to end; the genius method allows it to be fully examined with NO MOVES.

  • Insanely visual
  • Fits in your wallet
  • Quick reset
  • Multiple handlings taught
  • Custom-made gimmicks included
  • Gift card can be 100% examined
  • No sleight of hand
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