Clear, Acrylic contact juggling ball

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  • GREAT FOR BEGINNER OR PRO: When it comes to juggling, practice makes perfect; With these acrylic juggling balls, you will have the tools you need to perfect your already professional juggling skills or to begin learning; These balls are specifically intended for contact juggling, which is a less common form of juggling, but is, nevertheless, highly attention grabbing
  • FOR CONTACT JUGGLING: Contact juggling involves rolling balls over various surfaces of the body without releasing them into the air; This is an art form that is like magic; Whether you aspire to be a street performer, professional magician, or just want to learn some cool tricks, these contact juggling balls, otherwise known as gravity balls, may be just the thing you need to get started
  • SLEEK DESIGN: The sleek design of these balls makes them perfect for contact juggling because this form of juggling requires the balancing objects to easily slide across your body: If one or more of these professional juggling balls is used in a juggling act, people are sure to be impressed by the mesmerizing way these balls can be manipulated to quickly roll around the body
  • 70MM SIZE: The standard 70MM size of these juggling balls makes them a great magic trick set if multiple are purchased at a time: These 70MM contact juggling balls appear to be made out of glass, so people will be sure to be amazed when they see you showing off your skills: This is great because we all know, in the words of Napoleon Dynamite, that girls only like guys with great skills
  • GREAT FOR MAGIC ACTS: These great juggling balls are sure to impress at any party or event: These clear acrylic juggling balls resemble the crystal balls that fortune tellers use, so they will give your juggling act an added air of mystery: These balls also resemble fushigi magic gravity balls, so you will look just like one of the professional contact jugglers that you see on television