Creative Clowning


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At last, a book on clowning that leaves no stone unturned. Compiled and edited by Bruce Fife with significant contributions by Tony Blanco, Steve Kissell, Bruce Johnson, Ralph Dewey, Hal Diamond, Jack Wiley and Gene Lee. The book is directed toward teaching the reader not just how to perform clown type skills, but how to perform them in a funny and entertaining way.

More than just a book on clowns, this is a fascinating journey into the fun-filled world of clowning. Going beyond merely explaining how to perform the physical skills, it teaches the reader how to use these skills creatively to become funny and entertaining.

Drawing from the combined experience and talents of eight professional entertainers and respected authors, this book provides step-by-step instructions on everything from juggling, to creating and telling jokes, and even how to set up and operated a home-based clowning business.

Topics include:

  • comedy magic
  • stilt-walking and unicycling
  • balloon sculpting
  • funny juggling
  • fun with puppets
  • clown music
  • balancing buffoonery
  • mime and physical comedy
  • clown makeup and wardrobe
  • developing a lovable clown personality
  • controlling an audience
  • creative use of props
  • how to create jokes and funny routines
  • how to tell jokes and be a good comedian
  • how to start and operate a successful birthday party business
  • where and how to find jobs as a clown.

Large size – softbound.