Golden Touch lotion – Used by magicians for over 100 years


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Magician’s have been using this stuff to keep friction and grip in their hands for generations. A small bottle lasts a LONG time

Unique formula softens, smooths, and moisturizes rough, dry skin. Contains a rich combination of skin moisturizers in a fast penetrating cologne base that quickly disappears. Pour / Spray / Smooth Golden Touch Lotion on your skin and immediately feel the luxurious, silky golden liquid transform rough, chapped skin into soft, supple and touchable skin once again without leaving any residue. Used for over 100 years to help heal rough, red, and chapped hands, knees, and elbows, often after ordinary lotions have failed. Few drops controls dry scalp and conditions your skin. Cracked heels disappear instantly. An ideal after-bath and body lotion; superb make-up base for dry skin; effective as an after-shave moisturizer and works well on dry faded suntans. Products Application areas Face / Hands / Body / Feet Form Liquid Skin conditions Dry / Chapped / Normal Fragrance Mild Key ingredients Glycerin