Hopping Halves


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Steve Says; Grand Illusions sells HUNDREDS of magic tricks. In our Brick and Mortar store I have a world of props at my fingertips. When I walk out of Grand Illusions at closing time, aside from the occasional thumbtip, Hopping Halves is the only prop in my pocket. What else can I say?

This really is the ultimate gimmicked magic coin set. In the basic routine the magician displays two coins: a copper English penny and a silver American half-dollar. The magician places one of the two coins in his pocket. When he opens his hand he still has two coins! He placed one of these two coins into his pocket. No sleights! The audience sees the coin go into the magicians pocket. The magician opens his other handTwo coins. The magician places one of the two coins in his pocket. Slowly,Openly, with no false moves. He opens his other hand. You guessed it, two coins! The magician closes his hand around the two coins and removes one. He places it into his pocket and when he opens his other handNO COINS! Hey! Its the end of the trick!

  • Totally self-working
  • Resets in seconds
  • Guaranteed for life