Invisible Deck


Any card named by the audience is magically backward in this deck!

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The magician states that he has an invisible deck of cards. He then removes from the card box…Nothing. Well, it appears to be nothing. The magician claims that he has an invisible deck and tells the volunteer to choose an invisible card. The volunteer, playing along, picks a card and pretends to show it around. Return it to the deck…Upside-down, says the magician. The volunteer obliges, pretending to turn an invisible card upside down and return it to the invisible deck in the magicians hands.

Now the magic:

Name your card! Says the magician. The spectator names any card. The magician picks up the card box and, without any moves, sleights or subterfuge, dumps out a real, visible deck of cards, fans through them and shows that one and only one card is face down in the deck. The volunteer turns the card face up and, indeed, its the card they named!!


  • Works with ANY card.
  • No sleight of hand or moves!
  • Looks like regular Bicycle brand cards.