Little Gray Hare


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“Oh Look! I’ve got a Little Gray Hair!”

A great multiplying bunnies routine with a twist!

Effect: The Magician brings attention to the hair hanging above your face. As you pluck out a single hair, it instantly pops into view at your fingertips in the form of a small bunny rabbit. “Oh look! I have a little gray hair!”

The included routine has you producing three bunnies at your fingertips, then having all three vanish… entirely! With no added gimmicks or difficult moves. Plus extra ideas and jokes to incorporate these bunnies into your regular sponge ball routine. For those who want something a little more fun, perhaps not as miraculous, Little Gray Hare is the perfect magical gag to have with you at all times.

It takes up less than a cubic inch (0.015 quarts) of pocket space, and it’s pillowy soft… so you can have one in every pocket of your entire wardrobe at all times. Otherwise you’ll risk being caught off guard when you want to pull out this great little ice-breaker laugh maker.

Includes: Illustrated Instructions with multiplying bunny routine, gags, and ideas. Approximately 25 sponge bunnies! Bunnies are great for give-aways!

“This trick is a Foam Run!”-Steve Goshman, Magic By Gosh