Shifters Playing Cards




Shifters were produced by Theron Schabb and were printed in the United States Playing Card Co. factory in Erlanger Kentucky. The faces of the cards are standard USPCC with the exception of the Ace of Spades, Jokers and a logo card. The Ace of Spades boasts a tastefully understated fine filigree of swirls and spirals.

Shifters are smooth and slippery like a fresh pack of bikes but they also have a subtle texture that allows you to get good friction on the pack.

These FIRST EDITION playing cards have been produced in limited number and there is currently no discussion of reproduction. These cards are excellent for collection or everyday use, purchasing more than one is a fine investment.

“...These are the nicest USPCC cards I’ve held in a decade. The paper has good spring and snap, the finish is smooth but still has grip and I was able to shuffle perfect faros right out of the box.