The Autonomous Car Part (AKA, The Tesla Bolt)

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“You’ve heard of those new, self driving cars, right?” You ask of your curious spectator.

“This is a part from the new Tesla Type III.”  You hand them a brass bolt with a nut threaded halfway on.

You explain to your spectator that, as a certified mechanic, you don’t have all day to disassemble every nut in the engine compartment so the modern method is to let the part do it’s job on it’s own.

Taking the well inspected nut and bolt back from the spectator you hold it at eye level with clearly empty hands and, on your command, the nut spins, FAST, until it unscrews itself right off the bolt right in front of your stunned spectator.  You immediately give the nut and bolt to the spectator for inspection.

No Reset! No Threads! Completely examinable!